We curated 1000 emails

We curated 1000 emails

Well, that took longer than we thought! However, we’re proud to announce that we finally hit and surpassed 1000 handpicked emails that we think rock in terms of email design and/or content. As you can imagine, handpicking the best email designs is a time-consuming process.

We look for designs that are eye-catching, have a clear call to action, a good mixture of HTML text/images, look great across all devices and have relevant content or interesting content. Many of the emails we receive are just large images promoting an e-commerce stores latest discount. We prefer value-added content that tells us something interesting about your business. Check out our blog post, How to spice up your email content, for some great examples of value-added email content.

We’ve also had a look at our reporting and found the top 10 most popular emails from the last 12 months based on page views and duration of time on page.

Top 10 most popular emails of the last 12 months

1. Nest

Subject line: Last chance to save big. Nest Black Friday ends soon.

Yep, you’ve probably seen this email already! It went viral when we posted it around Thanksgiving last year. It features a sophisticated shopping cart experience that works on mobile devices and falls back nicely on everything else. It also has a floating check out banner on mobile which we haven’t seen any other emails yet.

One year on and this is still the most complex email that we’ve ever seen. We’re looking forward to seeing what you send us this Thanksgiving, Nest!



2. Netflix

Subject line: Suspicious activity █████ Marvel on Netflix █████

This animated punisher email from Netflix received quite a bit of flack on blogs and twitter for making subscribers think their account had been hacked.

Although we would typically agree with this sentiment, it’s hard to look past the genius of this campaign when you consider that the Punisher works with an expert hacker. Hopefully Netflix didn’t receive too many spam complaints for this stunt.



3. Figleaves

Subject line: We heard it’s your birthday soon…

Birthday emails are always popular, but this lovely design from Figleaves seems to be a favorite amongst our readers. We love the clean design, clear call to action, and how easy it is to use the discount. Nice work Figleaves!



4. Flight Centre

Subject line: Andrew, your California Adventure starts here ?

Amazing email from Flight Centre using the CSS fixed positioning to create an interactive scrolling effect that works in Gmail and on mobile devices. Check out how you can build an email like this on Email on Acid’s blog.



5. Peel

Subject line: Charge Your iPhone Anywhere In Your Home For $49

People love long-scroller emails and it doesn’t get much longer than this awesome example from Peel. This is a post-purchase email which they trigger after you buy one of their equally awesome iPhone cases.


Peel Long Email Design


6. Man City

Subject Line: Our Journey this season

Man City are well known for having beautiful emails with some fantastic content. This interactive example was one of the best and most popular that we’ve posted recently. Similar to the Flight Centre email, it uses CSS fixed positioning to create a scrolling effect, taking you through the highlights of their season.



7. Lego

Subject line: Have you seen our all new ride?

Another long-scroller with top class graphic design. The thing we really enjoy about this email is that the messaging is spread throughout the creative, ensuring that you want to keep scrolling to see what’s at the bottom. Luckily there seems to be treasure down there!


Lego Resort Email Design


8. Penguin Random House

Subject line: Need gift-giving advice? Ask a penguin!

Penguin Random House has done a few interactive emails in the past, but this seems to be the one that caught a lot of attention on curated.email. Clicking on the recipient profile shows you a new book recommendation. Really nice execution and design work here.



9. eBay

Subject line: Your journey starts with the eBay app

There is a ton of stuff to like in this welcome email from eBay. It has a beautiful, clean design, clear calls to action, and useful content which reminds you why you signed up in the first place. However, what we really love is how eBay are clearly showing you how many emails in this series you’re about to receive and what you can expect to receive next. It’s refreshing to see this kind of transparency in a welcome program, plus it actually makes us look forward to seeing what we receive next. We want to see more of this in other welcome programs, please.



10. Quartz

Subject line: Elevator buttons: When automation gave us a lift

Quartz has killed it with their new Obsession newsletter. Every week we look forward to seeing the animated gif that they insert into the top banner, which interesting topic they decided to cover, and what question they ask in their interactive poll. Most publishers could learn a lot from this newsletters.


Quartz Email Design


There you have it, the top 10 most popular email designs from the past 12 months. You’ll also be pleased to know that we’ve optimized a few of the processes on our side, so we can significantly ramp up our curation speed. Expect to see the next thousand emails posted soon!

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