Top 5 most popular emails on Pinterest

Top 5 most popular emails on Pinterest

I’ve been pinning emails on Pinterest for a few years now and found it to be the perfect place to save and share the best designs and content ideas that land in my inbox. It seems that quite a few of you out there agree as I now have over 3000 followers across all of my boards and many of my pins have been saved and viewed thousands of times! So, thank you for that, I appreciate it. You can take a look at my boards here if you aren’t following them.

Anyway, I was recently digging into the analytics that Pinterest provides and wanted to share some of the most popular emails I’ve ever pinned and take a look at why they might have caught people’s attention.

1. Ice Cream Scroller: J.Crew

This is probably the most popular email I have ever pinned! It’s fun, playful, straight to the point and well designed. There isn’t much more to it, really. Plus, everyone loves ice cream! Great work, J.Crew!

2. Video in email: Burberry

It’s easy to see why this email from Burberry took off. Not only does it have a killer responsive design, it also incorporates an HTML 5 video with fallback animated gif, since video isn’t supported by many email clients, unfortunately. You can take a look at a similar Burberry email here if you’d like to take a peep at the code. Awesome work Burberry, I hope that you keep innovating with your emails.

3. Saved item abandonment: ASOS

This is one of the most popular abandonment emails that I’ve pinned. It has great copy, includes an image of the item that was left in the saved items list and incorporates a lot of HTML text for image blocking.

4. Responsive email: Fitbit

It’s always interesting to see what a responsive email looks like on a full-size screen compared to a mobile screen. I still constantly reduce my browser size to see what happens. This example from Fitbit is especially popular amongst all of the responsive emails that I’ve posted, possibly because the color of each section clearly shows you how the content stacks into a single column. Or maybe it’s just because people like Fitbit. Either way, it’s a great email.

5. Update your gender: Office

This email from Office shoes is genius, so I’m not surprised that it got saved so many times. Take a closer look at the copy and call to action and you’ll see that they are asking their subscribers to click on either the male or the female to indicate their gender. They can then re-use this data later on for better segmentation. This is a must try idea for any retailers who don’t have much info on their subscribers.

There you have it, 5 of the most popular emails on Pinterest. I’d love hear your thoughts on why you think these emails are so great or see other great email examples that you’ve collected in the wild.

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