Email code easter eggs

Email code easter eggs

If you’re an #emailgeek then I’m sure you’ve spent a bit of time perusing the code of other people’s emails, maybe to see what media queries they use or how they achieved a particularly complex layout. I’ve always loved looking at email code myself to learn new techniques and to get ideas that I can apply to my own designs. Over the years I’ve found some pretty cool things hidden inside of email code including job ads, ascii art and links to helpful blog posts. Here are a few of coolest examples I’ve seen.

Nest: Ascii art featuring their email dev team

If you receive Nest emails you’ll know that they have one of the best email dev teams around! Not only is their design awesome, as you would expect, but they also incorporate interactive elements such as carousels, toggles and animation. Anyway, the reason I mention them here is mainly because their email dev team is featured in ascii art at the top of all of their emails. How badass is that! Nice work Eric and team 🙂

Litmus: Job ad posting

We all know that Litmus send some of the most innovative, crazy emails around, so it only makes sense that they advertise their email dev and design jobs within hidden code comments. That’s one way to weed out non-emailgeeks.

ActionRocket: Social media promotion and changelog

The team at Action Rocket have quite a few things going on in their email code, as you would expect. Firstly, I love that they are promoting their twitter feed in the code of their email. They have also incorporated some cool ascii art and a changelog so that they can keep track of updates to their template, smart!

HBO: Links to useful blog posts about font fallbacks

If you work on a large email production team then it makes sense to appropriately comment your emails so that everyone is on the same page. One thing that I’ve noticed more and more is links to useful blog posts within these comments. Super useful for others on the team or new people joining.

Zappos: Warning about Outlook 2013

Come on Outlook 2013!! Stop blowing our @$%& up!

Whatcounts has links to screenshots of how their email should look, hidden within their comments. I’m not entirely sure why they have done this or how it’s used, but I thought it was pretty interesting.

There you have, a few of my favorite email code easter eggs. Hopefully, you found a couple of these ideas useful. Have you seen anything cool hidden in the comments of emails? We’d love to see more examples.

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